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Teasing and Tormenting

My ex had a huge threesome fantasy. Before I was able to make it happen for him, I wrote this story. It is kinda long so I will post it in three parts to keep you coming back for more. devilish.gif Enjoy....

I had a dream last night about teasing you. Insert an evil little laugh right here because I really enjoyed every second of my dream. I am not a cruel person by nature. I avoid stepping on spiders and I send thoughts of peace to the world while I meditate. I just get wet thinking about teasing you.

My dream started in a bedroom. It wasn’t mine or yours. There was a big bed in the middle of the room with a mission style headboard. The bed was covered in pillows and faced the door. The room was lit only by candles.

I was standing with my back to the door wearing a lacy, black baby doll nightgown. You came up behind me and started to kiss the back of my neck. Your hands reached around to grab my breasts. I stopped you by turning around to kiss you.

You were wearing a pair of boxers and nothing else. I love it when things are easy for me. Not that getting you out of your clothes has ever been hard. I slipped my fingers under the waist band and slipped them down while my kiss moved from your lips, to your neck and down your chest.

I know you were expecting me to take your c*ck in my mouth like I have so many times but when your boxers reached the floor I got up and kissed you softly on the lips. You tried to push your hard d*ck against me but I wouldn’t let you. I turned you around and pushed you on the bed.

I knelt next to you and told you to scoot up to the head of the bed. Once you where lying in the middle of the bed, I reached over to kiss you. I brought your hand up to headboard and tied your wrist securely. You said my name. I paused to place a finger on your lips then went back to making sure the knot was secure.

I climbed over the top of you, making sure your hard **** slowly rubbed against black lace. I looked at you with an innocent smile while I started to tie up your other hand. You looked back with a “what in the world are you up to” look in your eyes.

After you were tied to the bed, I whispered a quick thank you in your ear for being so patient. I told you that you would need every ounce of patience for what I had planned. I kissed your ear lobe then quickly licked and nibbled a path down your chest. I wasted no time taking your **** in my mouth. I wanted to tease and torment you.

I made quick, hard strokes up and down your c*ck. I heard you moan when I took you deep in my mouth and down my throat. Were you moaning because it felt good or because you had to watch my @ss bounce up and down with each stroke and not be able to reach out and touch me?

I stopped before you came. If your hands weren’t tied you would have grabbed me and ****ed me from behind. Insert another evil laugh here. I stood up and put a leg on each side of your hips. You watched me very intently as I slipped my panties down my legs and stepped out of them. I slowly lowered myself until my dripping wet p*ssy was hovering over your d*ck.

You tried to raise your hips up to push your c*ck inside me. I was ready for that and pushed you back down. I placed my hands on your hips to stop you from trying that again. You moaned and pulled against your restraints for the first time. I looked into your eyes while I lowered myself until just the head of c*ck slipped inside my warm, wet pussy. I lifted up and came down again after a few seconds. The next time I did it, I couldn’t help but moan right along with you.

I gave into temptation and lowered myself until you filled up my hot c*nt. I stayed as still as possible while I squeezed you with my p*ssy. You started pushing your hips up again. I let you and dropped to my knees. I tossed my hair back and let my orgasm come.

My thighs squeezed your hips and my pussy tightened around your c*ck. I fell on top of your chest. I slipped off to lie next to you. You started to complain. I placed my still shaking finger on your lips and got off the bed. I smiled while I walked on quivering knees to the door and opened it.

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Here is part two....

She was waiting patiently at the door, watching me tease you. She was my gift to you. I know how much you have wanted this. I know how much you dream of watching me with another woman. I have wanted it to. I can’t wait to find out how wet she got watching us and waiting for her turn.

We are complete opposites in appearance. Where my hair is long and dark blond, hers is shoulder length and almost black. Her dark skin almost glowed in her white nightgown. You watched as we kissed each other softly then turned to look at you. I wonder what you were thinking as one set of blue eyes and one set of brown eyes gazed back at you.

I kissed her neck. She put her head back and all you could do was watch as I nibbled and licked a path down her neck. I pushed the strings of her nightgown down her shoulders and pulled her close while I kissed the tan skin of her collarbone.

I stood behind her so you see every inch of her while I pushed the white satin down her body leaving her wearing only a white g-string. Her small firm breasts were a stark contrast to my large ones. I could not wait to kiss them. Her nipples got hard as the cool air touched them.

I came back to her side to continue the path of kisses down her body. I cupped her firm breast in my hand as my mouth made its way to her nipple. Your shocked silence ended at this point and we smiled at each other when we heard you groan and shift your position on the bed. Her fingers came to my shoulders as my mouth licked her nipple then my teeth lightly tugged on her sensitive flesh. She pulled me closer and gasped with pleasure.

My mouth moved further down her body as I dropped to my knees in front of her. My hands came to her hips and I slipped her panties down her legs. It became very obvious how much she enjoyed watching us as I lifted her leg at the knee to rest her foot on the bed. I kissed the soft hair that hid the prize I knew we both wanted. You groaned again, as I dipped my finger in her wetness and brought it to my mouth for a taste. I still had the taste of your c*ck on my tongue. The two of you tasted amazing together.

I stood up and removed what was left of my black lacy outfit. Our bodies came together as we kissed passionately, then she moved to lie on the end of the bed. We had planned this position so you could still see everything I intended to do to her body.

I climbed on top of her so you could see our bodies pressed together. I rose up so that our nipples barely touched and I moved slowly down, using my breasts and mouth to caress her body on the way. I saw you pull at your restraints again from the corner of my eye. I know you wanted to touch me, touch her. That is not what I had planned.

Her hips rose up to meet my lips when I reached my destination. I spread her legs wide and settle down on my knees. She was very eager for me to get a full taste of her p*ssy so she reached down and pushed my mouth to her hot ****. I swam in her taste and smell until both of your moans filled my ears. Hers were moans of pleasure while yours were moans of torment.

My hands moved under her @ss cheeks and pulled her p*ssy close as I licked and tugged on her cl*t with my mouth. Her hands buried in my hair as her body began to jerk. She screamed when she came. I did not think it was possible to find someone louder then I am.

We both rose up on knees to kiss. You interrupted our kiss and we turned to look at you. You said it wasn’t fair. You said it wasn’t funny anymore. You told me to let you go. You looked so vulnerable laying there completely naked, tied to the bed with your hard c*ck standing straight up. It was your turn, but I wasn’t going to untie you yet.

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WOW, when do we get to read part three????? Michelle you're killing me here.


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I am glad you enjoyed. :) I love feedback on my stories. Here is the final part.

When I told you that I wasn’t going to untie you yet you looked so frustrated.  Insert another trademark evil laugh.  You looked like you were ready to tear the headboard apart so you could attack us.  We both cautiously approached you like you were a wild animal.  She knelt between your legs while I rested on your right side.  

While I reached up to kiss you she took your hard **** between her warm lips.  You moaned while I kissed you deeply.  When I broke away, I asked you if you could taste her pussy on my mouth.  You moaned your answer which I am pretty sure was a yes.

We both watched as her head bobbed up and down while sucking on your dick.

“Is she a good little **** sucker?” I asked.
You moaned again and stared at her ass.
“Do you want to grab that hot ass of hers?
You nodded your head as I reached down to caress her ass.
“Do you want me to finger **** her pussy for you?”
I didn’t wait for you answer before sliding my finger deep inside her.  I kept up a running commentary of everything I was doing.

“She is so wet.  I think she really likes sucking your dick.  She might even like it as much as I do.  Do you want me to **** her hard with my finger so you both cum at the same time?  She likes my finger in her ****.  Can you hear her moan?  She is getting ready to cum.  Are you ready?  You need to let me know when you are about to cum.  She wants it on her tits.  We talked about it earlier.  We both want to see you cum on her fantastic tits.  I want to lick it off her nipples.”

I could tell that you about to cum.  I pulled her off your **** and she continued stroking you while I softly caressed your balls.  I almost came when I saw your hot load squirt all over her tits.  She continued to stroke you and rub the head of your dick on her nipples.

I reached down and started to lick the cum from her tits.  I sucked every drop from her nipples and when I was done she pulled me up for a kiss.  She asked me if you could still play.  I had told her about you being multi-orgasmic, but she didn’t believe me.  I smiled while looking at your still rock hard dick and told her to take you for a ride.

She stood over you and then squatted until your **** was deep inside her.  I watched as she rode you hard.  I couldn’t help but reach over and suck her tits as they bounced with her rhythm.  I reached between her legs to stroke her clit and then helped her regain her balance after she came the first time.

I am not sure how many times you came.  I was too busy enjoying her body as she ****ed you.  I could tell she enjoyed being able to do what ever she wanted while you could only lay there.  Her back arched and she came again.  She caught her breath and we both got off the bed together.  You stared at me intently as I kissed her.  She gathered her clothes and said good-bye with a wave.

I came over to the bed to untie you.  You silently watched me as I released one arm and then the other.  As soon as you were free and before I even had a chance to think, you grabbed me.  You turned me around, bent me over and slammed your **** into me.  I screamed with pleasure.  You grabbed my hips as you ****ed me from behind.   I didn’t think about anything but your dick pushing inside me, your balls slapping my clit with each stroke and your finger rubbing the entrance to my ass.

You didn’t stop when I came the first time or even the second time.  I tried to lie down after the third orgasm but you would not let me.  Your fingers dug into my hips and you ****ed me harder.  I had an orgasm that wouldn’t stop or maybe it was several orgasms in a row.  I gasped for breath each time you slammed inside of me.  My knees and arms went limp and I started to fall.  You held me up and ****ed me harder.  Every nerve in my body was firing at once.  I became hyper-sensitive to every sensation.  I started to see stars and the world went dark.  The room disappeared, the bed disappeared, and then you disappeared.  

I woke up gasping for air a few seconds later.  I was cold and my entire body was shaking.  I could feel your body pressed against my back and your arm around my chest.  My pussy was sore and my thighs were wet from the mixture of our cum together.  I wiggled my butt to get closer to you.  You told me to quit it and pulled a blanket over our naked bodies.  I sighed and closed my eyes.  Before I drifted off to sleep, I felt your lips on my neck and heard you whisper that you loved me.

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